School Bus Transportation

Hampstead Elementary School

If your home is beyond walking distance to Hampstead School, your child may be eligible for school bus transportation. Eligibility is determined by grade level by the EMSB Transportation Department, and not by Hampstead School directly. Only students who are eligible for transportation may ride the school bus. For information on eligibility for school bus transportation please visit the EMSB website.

School bus safety for parents and students

  • All students are expected to behave in a safe and appropriate manner at the bus stop and while on the bus. They are to remain seated at all times and talk quietly.
  • Students are not permitted to change school buses, nor are parents allowed to take the bus with their child.
  • If students have received a bus pass and choose to walk home, a written letter of permission from a parent is required.
  • Cell phones, iPads and other electronic devices are not allowed to be used on the school bus.
  • If problems arise during the year, parents must inform the office. They are NOT to deal with the bus driver or other students directly.
  • The school rules and Code of Conduct apply on school buses. Bus drivers report all problems and infractions to the school administration in the form of a bus ticket. Video cameras are installed on some buses for the safety and security of students.
    • First offence: Letter of warning sent home
    • Second offence: Suspension from bus for 3 consecutive school days
    • Third offence: Suspension from bus for 5 consecutive school days
    • Fourth and every subsequent offence: Suspension from bus indefinitely (length of time determined by the principal)

What if I want to pick up my child after school?

If parents wish to make alternative arrangements for their child to go home, they are asked to write a letter to that effect to be presented to the principal for approval and signature at the start of the day.


All students are expected to walk their bicycles when on school property. Bicycles must be locked and chained to the bike rack. Skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades are not permitted to be brought to school or used on school property. The school does not assume responsibility for loss or damage.

Parents are not permitted to use or park in the school’s parking lot. We have only sufficient room in our parking lot for our staff. Do not let your child walk through the parking lot alone. It is not safe for children. This applies to parents of kindergarten students as well. Please park on the school side of Thurlow Road when dropping off your child. Stratford Road is reserved for school buses only. Hampstead security will issue parking tickets to parents who are not adhering to parking guidelines.

Drop-Off Zones

If you bring your child to school by car, you must use the designated drop-off zone on Thurlow Avenue only. Please do not drop-off your child on Stratford Road as this area is reserved for school busses only. Please do not use the parking lot, as this area is not supervised, and can be dangerous to students.

Want to know more?

The EMSB Transportation Division, a part of the School Organization Department, is responsible for issuing bus passes to students who meet the walking criteria based on their address as of June 30 of each school year. Eligibility criteria can be found on the EMSB Website.

Visit the Transportation Page

More information & Policies

Check our School Agenda for more information.


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