BASE Daycare Services

Before and After-School Enrichment

Welcome to Hampstead Daycare

Hampstead School Before and After School Enriched (B.A.S.E.) Daycare Program offers its services to all the children attending Hampstead School.

Hampstead provides daycare services from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Hampstead BASE Daycare

83 Thurlow Road, Hampstead, QC H3X 3G8
Technician: Ms. Cathy Agnello
Telephone: 514-788-0025

Daycare Objectives

  • To ensure the safety and general well-being of the children served.
  • To contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the school’s educational project.
  • To set up activities and recreational projects that contributes to the children’s overall development.
  • To encourage the development of social skills such as respect, co-operation and openness to others.
  • To offer homework support after school by providing students with an appropriate place in which to work.

Fee Structure

The Daycare fee structure is based on the student’s status in the daycare. A student’s status is designated as Regular, Sporadic or Occasional.

Regular: $9.20 /day
(For a maximum of five hours)

Pedagogical Day: $12.00/day
(For a total of 10 hours.
Additional activity fees may apply)

Sporadic + Occasional:  $10.50/day
(On regular school days)
Fees are based on the blocks the student attends, partial or full, and varies per school depending on the time of each daycare period.

A regular student is one who is registered and attending Daycare for a minimum of one to five days a week and a minimum of two periods a day. This applies to students who attend on a weekly basis and follow a fixed schedule.
A sporadic student is one who is registered and attending Daycare for one period a day (AM, LUNCH or PM). Please note that the lunch period is considered a block. A sporadic student is also someone who is registered and attends on a pedagogical day.
An occasional student is one who is registered but does not have a forecasted attendance and does not attend on a weekly basis. Daycare Services are needed for emergency purposes. The parent/guardian must give the daycare a 24-hour notice when possible and keep in mind that it is not a guarantee that their child(ren) will be put in the same daycare group as their classmates.


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