Hampstead School has adopted a dress code for its students. The purpose of having a dress code for our children is to instill in them a sense of belonging and identity. A dress code is conducive to good behaviour and reflects the serious mission of our school. It fosters a positive educational atmosphere that promotes success. We ask for parents’ full cooperation in ensuring students adhere to the Hampstead School dress code policy.

Parents will be contacted should students be deemed to not be following the dress code or dressed inappropriately. Should it continue, students may not be allowed in class and may be sent to the office, where they may be asked to change, wait for a parent or guardian to deliver appropriate clothing, or sent home (picked up by a parent/guardian) to change.

Approved Dress Code Options


  • Plain Grey or burgundy top, (polo, t-shirt, long or short sleeve).
  • Students may wear any past version of the HS uniform.
  • A grey or burgundy top, either a polo or t-shirt must be worn at all times.
  • Solid grey or black dress pants (no cargo pockets)
  • For Physical Education: grey or burgundy jogging pants or shorts
  • NO jeans or denim of any color.
  • NO unauthorized casual wear such as brand name track pants, yoga pants, or leggings.
  • Leggings may be worn ONLY underneath a skirt.
  • NO brand name logos or coloured stitching on dress or pants.
  • Grey or black pleated skirts or jumpers may be worn.
  • Skirts may be worn with solid white, grey, black or skin tone leggings or tights.
  • Skirts must be knee length or no more than one inch above the knee.
  • Black or white socks, nylons or leotards may be worn under a skirt.
  • Solid colours ONLY. No print patterns
  • Torn socks, nylons, leotards or fishnet stockings are NOT permitted.
  • Sensible shoes that are practical for a busy crowded building, preferably black or white.
  • Running shoes are acceptable.
  • Running shoes must be worn for gym classes.
  • All footwear must be closed-toe.
  • Boots, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, etc. may not be worn in the school.
The following are unacceptable at Hampstead School and are therefore not permitted:

  • Excessive make-up, dyed hair and/or piercings;
  • Accessories depicting drugs, violence, racism, alcohol or obscenities;
  • Studs and/or rivets on any part of clothing or accessories;
  • Wallet chains and long key chains;
  • Hats, hoods, head wraps/ extra-wide head bands and caps are not to be worn inside the building. Religious head covering is exempt from this rule.