School Reminders

School Fees

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hampstead School fees are itemized below. Parents or guardians are responsible for payment. It is the school which is responsible for delinquent fees.

Basic Fee:

$65.00 per child (Gr. 1-6); $95.00 per child (kindergarten)
This fee covers the cost of consumable materials. This includes the agenda, consumable worksheet costs, materials consumed by students, etc. and where possible, student activities.

School consumable supplies:

$40.00 per student
The homeroom teacher purchases the required school supplies for students whose parents have paid the supplies fee of $40.00.

Workbook Fees:

An additional fee of $50.00 will be charged for the purchase of Math & French workbooks.  These fees must be paid before students are issued their workbooks. Kindergarten students are charged $20.00.

Lunch Fees:

$225.00 for one child, $360.00 for a family of two or more. Students are permitted to stay for lunch under the supervision of Lunch Monitors. Children must remain on school property and respect the rules. Disregard for the rules will result in suspension from the lunch program. We encourage all children to bring a nutritious snack and lunch to school. To that end, no soft drinks please. For safety reasons, no glass containers are permitted. Microwaves and refrigerators are not available. Please see Lunch Program rules under our Code of Conduct.

Payment of fees:

Please note that it is the school which must meet the payroll of the supervisors and unpaid fees impact on the school budget. For this reason, we offer payment options to suit your needs. Please call the office to make arrangements with the Principal.

School Outings:

The Governing Board has passed a motion to the effect that families who have not paid, or made arrangements to pay school fees, will be required to cover the school’s contribution to all activities which are financially supported by the school.