School Reminders

School Uniform

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Hampstead Governing Board has approved implementation of a school uniform by which all students are required to abide. Clothes worn to school must be appropriate, comfortable and not distracting. Students deemed to be dressed inappropriately will not be allowed in class and will be sent to the office, where they will wait for a parent or guardian to deliver their uniform, or sent home (picked up by a parent/guardian) to change. The purpose of having a uniform for our children is to instill in them a sense of belonging and identity. A uniform is conducive to good behavior and reflects the serious mission of our school. It fosters a positive educational atmosphere that promotes success. We ask for parents’ full cooperation in ensuring students adhere to the Hampstead uniform policy. The administration/staff reserves the right to deem what is acceptable and unacceptable.

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